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Unleashing the hidden power

The 21st century demands a lot from everyone, especially from children. And with time, the challenges grow in complexity and performance under pressure becomes absolutely essential.

Midbrain activation makes your child ready to take on the world and rise to the top with ease.
Aspiring Brains uses proven methods, such as sound therapy, to activate the mid brain and introduce capabilities which were hiding with your child.

Today, it is not just about how hard you work, nor is it just about your IQ. Intelligence matters, but a successful person is holistically more profound than the rest. This is exactly what midbrain activation helps you achieve.

Children observe and mould their mindset accordingly. With Aspiring Brains and their unique methods of midbrain activation, your child can lay the foundation of a successful future right now. Midbrain activation stimulates the pineal gland and increases the serotonin secretion in the brain to improve communication between the two hemispheres. This results in multiple advantages such as improved acumen, precise cognitive abilities, synergy between logic and creativity resulting in faster problem solving, and more.

At Aspiring Brains, we use Sound Therapy and Blindfold Therapy for midbrain activation. Research suggests that 85% of our cortical (brain) activity is stimulated from auditory inputs. A fine tuned auditory system can make a brain function at optimal capacity. So, for activating more neurons, Aspiring Brains conducts brain enrichment program for children through the use of modern technology and advance brain wave frequency in the joy of music and stress-free environment in human brain development.