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Learn to see, without your eyes.

Our team, at Aspiring Brains, has researched and developed a unique method of midbrain activation.

A special activity developed by the experts at Aspiring Brains, this unlocks the phenomenal ability of Extra Sensory Perception. Using ESP, children are able to see from behind blindfolds.
This happens as a result of midbrain activation and yields more advantages than just this.

This special technique is developed to activate the midbrain of your child. After the midbrain activation, you can see the unleashed potential of your child for yourself. With midbrain activation, the left and right hemispheres function optimally and together.

The result of our activity is improved concentration, heightened processing and ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. Using this improved sensory power, students of this technique can read or see with their eyes blindfolded. The image appears in their mind and not just through their visual senses and is exactly the same as the object in their hands or around them.

This skill may sound supernatural but, it is merely a form of brain ability that we possess. The Aspiring Brains workshop stimulates and motivates children’s mind to achieve improves memory power, enhance concentration and self-confidence.