What you get

The offerings of Midbrain activation are unique in itself. However, Aspiring Brains has put effort into creating and designing the modules in such a manner that you get the best out of it.
Unlike others, our approach towards midbrain activation isn’t just a trade. We believe that every child is special and deserves individual attention. Each child has a unique skill set hidden within, which can only be unlocked with personalized attention and care.
For the same, we have a host of offerings that nurture your child and help him/her understand their potential.

Playful environment
Playfulness is a positive trait that leads to sense of happiness and joy. Playfulness often associated with happiness, imagination, and a lighter and free attitude which takes children to their natural state.
The environment to play freely and fostering playfulness contributes to improved psychological health.

Brain balancing
Majorly brain divided in two half’s left and right. The brain balancing is term is literally the process of balancing the left and the right hemisphere of brain enabling accurate inter-hemisphere communication to increase the capacity and capabilities of brain.

We grasp and absorb knowledge through all our senses. Meditation helps to hone these senses and develop super sensory abilities. With this, the senses become more active and responsive to the environment around them and lead to enhanced retaining and improved memory.

Midbrain activation doesn’t just focus on the brain. The physique needs to be ready to accept all the power that lies hidden. Our exercise regime is designed to activate the whole body. We use movements based on rhythms to make it fun for children and past experiences has shows that they love it. This regime also helps children be more positive and enthusiastic.

Personal counselling
We, at Aspiring Brains, constantly say that every child is unique. And we also follow that in our actions. Every child gets personalized attention and counselling. Children should be able to communicate clearly and counselling helps achieve this. The fear of judgement is stubbed out through our counselling which offers children the freedom to express themselves, their feelings, and supports them by understanding their attitude and personality traits.

Parent counselling interaction
As much as Aspiring Brains plays a part in midbrain activation, the parents have to as well. We provide guidance and advice parents to create better home environments. Accordingly, we also ask parents what their requirements are regarding the growth of their child. This helps us to understand and provide specific attention towards children.