Infrastructure Highlights

Aspiring Brains is spread over a large and secure area. This area is planned with respect to all the needs imperative to children and their secure and holistic growth. Midbrain Activation requires a positive environment and at the Aspiring Brains center, we make adults and grown ups feel happy and protected. Our environment is born out of an amalgamation of happiness, professionalism, and creativity.

1. We have total 1200 sq. Facilities.
Aspiring Brains sprawls over 1200 square feet with multiple facilities. The environment is created to promote freedom and make children more expressive. This inculcates a sense of confidence among the children.

2. Dedicated sound proof 450sq. activity hall.
The activity hall is dedicated towards our different modules and activities. The activity hall is sound proof so that all the activities such as meditation, blindfold reading, etc can be performed without disturbance.

Features of activity hall
- Dedicated overhead projector
- Dedicated flooring for physical activity

3. Parent and child counseling hall.
The Parent and Child counselling hall is used to address, discuss, and advice parents along with their kin. The counselling hall provides as the point of contact and orientation for proper growth planning and problem discussion.

4. Parents waiting hall
Parents have a special bond with their children. So, we have arranged a special waiting hall for the parents so that they can be near their children as and when they require. Although we have a secure environment, we also understand the love and care that a parent has for their offspring.

5. Dedicated pantry.
A dedicated pantry helps us be flexible towards the needs of the children and adults alike. This ensures a warm welcome for all our clients as well as makes sure that children don’t go hungry.

6. Entire premises is under CCTV
Our large premise is completely under CCTV protection. We promote freedom along with security. With CCTV surveillance, you, as a parent, that your child is under our watchful protection always.


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