Benefits of DMIT

How do we benefit?

The society puts a lot of pressure on an individual. As peers, as elders, teachers, parents, all of us, in some way or the other, put pressure on someone else. Unbeknownst to us, our children are also victims to this pressure.

Dermatoglyphics is a science with multiple uses. It is currently used in forensics and criminology widely. However, we have found a more domestic use for it. Using this scientific technique, we can ascertain the inherent nature of a child. Leveraging on this, the child can be guided according to his/her strengths to optimally utilize the intelligence that was granted to him.

How? Quite simply because DMIT provides you with information regarding personality type, learning potential, the future development, etc. Accordingly, we also guide parents to hone these abilities by creating favourable environments. Children are spread across multiple personality types; rebellious, curious, persistent, etc. By knowing your child’s innate capacities and personality, you can develop effective communication with them and thus improve your bond.

Similarly, adults can take the DMIT for self-evaluation and what traits they can work on to become a better part of the society as well as better parents.

Aspiring Brains guides and helps children and their parents to find their true calling and achieve these true-life aspirations.