DMI Testing;
the key to your
child’s success

DMI Testing; the key to your child’s success

What is DMI Testing?

Dermatoglyphic is the study of the human brain and its capability based on the prints on our skin. The mix of science and technology enables us to quantify intelligence comprehensively through scanning, analysing, and comparing fingerprint patterns.
We are all born with inherent strengths and intelligences and these are represented through our fingerprints. According to science, there are 8 distinct forms of intelligence. DMIT helps to understand and document the inborn skills that individuals possess and guides them to improve on those and understand their inherent and potential being better.

Formed out of the research and study of Dr. Harold Cummins; the father of American Fingerprint analysis, Dermatoglyphics is a proven science. Our fingerprints are unique, this is common knowledge. What is lesser known is that fingerprints develop during the fetal development stage of 13-19 weeks after fertilization. This is closely linked with the inherent genetic composition, talents, and nervous system.

Dermaglphic is formed of two words; Derma meaning skin and Glyph meaning pattern/symbol. Harold Cummins, in his study, formed techniques and proved the genetic and evolutionary relationship between the skin ridges and intelligence. This technique was known as the Cummins Mythology and are still accepted as the defining tools for precise employee recruitment, Human Resource management, and multiple educational fields.

Furthering this research, Dr. Howard Gardner, in 1983, argued against only psychometric tests and the traditional definition of intelligence. He explored and proved the presence of multiple cognitive abilities and suggested that everyone is born intelligent but lose it with age. This theory was referred in his book, Frames of Mind and is called the Multiple Intelligence Theory. A recent study based on it, by Harvard University, suggests that almost all children are born with genius level intellect however only 2% retain it through their life.

With DMIT and Midbrain activation, there is a 98% chance to unleash this hidden potential of your child and carve an extraordinary life for them.