Experience the difference and transformation brought about in the lives of these people by Aspiring Brains.

"Excellent training, excellent trainers, and an enjoyable program schedule. Aspiring Brains is definitely a life changing module you should attend..."

Tania Prasad Sangam

S.S.R.V.M., STD : 3rd

My name is Tania on Sunday morning when I attended the program I met with Aarya who became my best friend the training was excellent I enjoy every moment when I left the class, I was very eager to attend the class next day.

"The eyeball exercise and blind fold activity helped me improve my daily lifestyle and productivity through achieving control of mind and body.
Thank you, Aspiring Brains."


STD : 4th

I like the Aspiring Brains class very much. I have learned eye ball exerciser blind fold activity, meditation, hand gym, brain gym, and visualization all those activities control our body and mind. I have learned how to focus the mind. I enjoy all, these activities very much I have. I have met many friends at the aspiring class. I do all these exercise every day and mostly I enjoy blind fold exercise by Aspiring Brains class I help in concentration and my study. Thank you Aspiring Brains (Ram dada And Riya Didi) for all those things.

"Improved concentration, speedy grasping, and good behavior; these were the results I got from Aspiring Brains and their programs. "


Nilesh and Vaishnavi's mother, Warje

Nilesh and Vaishnavi practicing exercise daily at home. There is some improvement in vaishnavi study. She makes study concentration after attending Aspiring Brains class. She is very interested in making blindfold activity.
Nilesh also focus on study if he read one time he remember and understanding fastly after attending class. Meditation and visualization helps them for concentration.

"The exercise and activities at Aspiring Brains helped me improve my confidence and boost my memory. Thank you Ram dada and Riya didi for your wonderful training."



The day before when my mummy told that you are going to attend Aspiring Brains institute i was very eager to know what was their... when i reached their i met the boys and girls they become friends. On the first day we saw motivational videos that motivate me. i decided to achieve something best in my life .we done exercise like eyeball exercise, hand gym, brain gym, etc. i felt happy... Due to this exercises and this gyms i developed my confidence and my brain become concentrated on all i learn. i do practice daily this practice helps me increase my focus and concentration. I like the blindfold activity also due to visualization and meditation my brain is becoming sharper and stable.
Thanks Ram dada and Riya didi and everybody for organizing this program.

"From a shy, unconfident child to a happy, outgoing, and confident, Aspiring Brains and their team helped my child, Sai, to enjoy life and get more out of it. There were multiple steps in the process and Aspiring Brains team guided me, my husband, and my child professionally and with great attention through every step. I don’t have enough words to thank them for bringing out the best in my child."

Mitali Dasari



I would like to thank Aspiring Brains Team.
The entire team helped me to inculcate good habits in Sai. I can tell you how was Sai before joining the Aspiring Brains and what are the changes we see in him which was a joint effort.

This team started with parents first. Taught us to be positive and create a positive thoughts all the time. Speak assertive always. So we had to work upon ourselves first and then it was possible for us to help Sai.

Sai was very shy, not very good at gelling with people, not very social, always confused and scared to communicate the things which are on his mind.

But now, we see change in him - he tries to gel with people, he likes to be with people and he likes to be surrounded by people, now he is very clear on his thought process and confident so he is not scared. He was always scared due to lack of confidence in him.

He tries to understand why we ask him not to do few things and we ask him to other things. Yes… of course now he asks us questions why, "I shouldn't do this and do it the way you or dad tell me". He is interested in reason now ready with all wh questions
Coming to academics...

He was always good when it comes to marks but me and his tuition teacher use to invest hours and hours to teach him and clear his concepts. But now it has become easy. He understands the things in school itself so that when we ask him questions he is ready with the answers.

May be this happened because he was not very attentive previously and now he is more attentive to understand what she is teaching.
Once again I would like to thank each one of you (Aspiring Brains team).